The Cultural Context of Health: A Baloch Perspective

Dr. Naseer Dashti

This book is the research of renowned scholar Dr. Naseer Dashti. Folk medicine is considered to be a shared experience of disease in a community which is outside modern or scientific medicine. It is a common heritage within a society and is closely interwoven with the other belief systems and life experiences within a particular society. Folk medical traditions among the Baloch can be traced from their early history. It was not amazing to note that every Baloch is familiar with some basic elements in their folk medical system. In any discussion about health and illnesses among the Baloch, mention of hot and cold, the sacredness of places and supernatural occurrences causing illnesses and misfortunes are frequently made by participants.

This book is all about the cultural context and consequences of perception of illness and health-seeking behavior of the Baloch. The 1st edition of the book was published in 2008.


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